Vilnius Dance Festival

Event date: June 4th, 2023
Vilnius, Lithuania
Competition ranking: #23
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Community reviews
August 20, 2019
Indre Kazakeviciu
Great competition and amazing professional shows!
December 13, 2018
ProAm Expert
Good small ( one day) competition for Pro-Am, very nice atmosfere, exellent show Arunas&Katusha.
The hotel needs updating. Very bad service in a restaurant (very very slowly). In a suburban area, you must go to Vilnius 20 min).
December 5, 2018
ProAm Expert
An event on a smaller side, haven't been growing much in terms of ProAm over the years...The schedule is very stuffed and it is becoming more unclear if it is a ProAm event or dance sport event. Need to focus more on what they want to achieve
November 20, 2018
Dancer UK
Fabulous competition great organisation, Ballroom starting to look a bit tired needsa refresh. Service in the hotel dreadfull.