Crystal Ball

Event date: January 22nd, 2022
St.Petersburg, Russian Federation
Competition ranking: #9
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Community reviews
January 26, 2019
Marijane Doyle
large number of highly trained competitors
outstanding panel of judges
live band
kept to schedule
January 24, 2019
ProAm Expert
Perfect location in the heart of the city, very good hotel, beautiful hall, good floor, lots of participants and spectators, nice music, interview with participants
January 24, 2019
ProAm Expert
Very good organization. International couples -many high-level participants (1/4 finals). The international judges of the highest category . wonderful location , beautiful floor and hall
January 22, 2019
ProAm Expert
Beautiful event by Evgeny Smagin, Polina Kazachenko, Alena Vaganova and Vitalii Golovin! Cozy, high level of couples both ProAm and Amateur/Professional, great judging panels and a lovely audience. St.Petersburg is a beautiful city, probably the most worthy of a visit when in Russia. The down sides: Firstly, the weather, as it is extremely cold in January (cannot be controlled). Secondly, the after party is not in the Hotel, it is in a near by restaurant. But when the weather is as it is, it becomes a cold walk (charming though). Lastly, the scrutineer system could be better, a few delays here and there, but nothing major. All in all, this event is highly recommended to all ProAm couples who would like to try something new, or have not been in Russia before. Well done!