Swedish Open

Event date: March 2nd, 2024
Gothenburg, Sweden
Competition ranking: #22
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Community reviews
March 8, 2020
Lovely competition with a vibe which was very much alive!! Very cozy, friendly, smooth organisation, with large audience reciprocation and support. Live music in the evening for Championships. Organizers very present, friendly and welcoming. Hotel comfortable and clean - we had great rooms. Was enjoyable to watch the other categories. Overall this competition had a lot of great energy - very enjoyable - One to look out for!.
March 20, 2019
ProAm Expert
Nice and cozy event. Has the potential to be even better as all the main things are there: Beautiful ballroom, good organisation, good level adjudicators. Only the welcome and after party need to be improved. The hotel itself is Ok, but nothing to do around it. So you would need to get a cab and go to city center, but it is not far. Not many ProAm couples, but this being a first year it is to be expected. If you are looking for events in Scandinavia, this can be it!