International dance festival Amazing Vienna

Event date: November 25-26th, 2023
Vienna, Austria
Competition ranking: #26
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Community reviews
December 5, 2018
ProAm Expert
Dancing in Vienna is special and everyone would love to be there.
Beautiful hotel where the competition was held. Great organisation, food was provided however not very long. Lunch was great in between with different choices available. In my opinion one of the strongest events so far I’ve attended.
Why I’m giving 7 is because:
Music was way too long and often too quick or too slow.
Heat lists and recalls were not very visible for everyone and you had to look out for the door where they were placed.
Lack of food, tea/coffee it was very short period of time and if you’re competing you have no time to eat.
Ballroom itself was very tiny and organisers put way too many couples on the floor for 1 heat.

December 5, 2018
ProAm Expert
Could be a great event, because Vienna as a hosting city is just fabulous! However, mistakes by the organisers and lack of clear information communication is ruining the experiences
November 7, 2018
Samba Walks
Dancing in Vienna is a must at least once. Organisers changed so not sure how it will be now. But the city is amazing!