Emerald Ball

Event date: April 30-May 5th, 2024
Los Angeles, United States
Competition ranking: #8
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Community reviews
December 22, 2018
Rosie Ortiz
I really enjoy high caliber Pro/Am and Professional dance events. You get both at the Emerald Ball. This event is beautiful and the staff provides great customer service. I was offered a complimentary cappuccino while in the ballroom! Another thing I like is the airport is only 5 minutes from the venue.
December 19, 2018
Nicole Yniguez
Stunning venue, amazing judging panel & extremely organized event! Every detail was perfection!
December 19, 2018
Marina Sanchez-Torres
Emerald Ball DanceSport Championships is one of the largest ballroom dance competitions in the United States. It is a top-notch event with world-class adjudicators. The attention to detail is phenomenal! This is one of my favorite ballroom dance competitions!
December 19, 2018
Janelle Jordan
The venue is beautiful! Numerous judicial panel.
There is also a wonderful dance camp that takes place during the week. All of the instructors are top Dancesport competitors. Great organization. Ballroom is a little chilly but they serve free cappuccinos & lattes :)