Glitz, Glamour and Growth in Ballroom Dancing

We love the glitz, the bright colorful lights with the artistic decorations and signs profiling the event and dancers. We feel special just walking into the ballroom to see people scurrying about, taking their places, checking the program, and keeping time to the music.

We are drawn to the glamour of the gentlemen in their distinguished dancewear and often color coordinated ties to match their partner’s gown. Then watch the ladies in their dance dresses, how exciting! You can tell how glamorous they feel by how they walk, heads held high. They sway in the multi-layers of ballroom chiffon or take perky steps in their short (sometimes very brief) designs of Latin outfits. Sparkling stones and beads with fringe, all with matching hair ornaments, glisten under the lights.
So much to see and hear as the excitement builds. I’ve been in the ballroom community for sixteen years and still feel the anticipation at a competition whether to participate as a dancer of simply as a spectator. The glitz and glamour draw you in, emotions escalate and the senses are stirred.

Take a moment to catch your breath. There’s so much more below the surface. Let’s consider we’re going to plant a beautiful flower garden. Information is referenced for a) the type and color of flowers desired, b) the grade of soil required for their best growth, c) the plant food, watering, sunlight or shade, and d) the nurturing process of caring for and preventing damage to the flowers as they take root, grow and finally bear the fruit of beautiful blossoms.

How does this apply to our growth in dancing?
Do we get so excited we have the tendency to just jump in without considering the entire program? Dancing, as with any project, can be challenging taking time, energy, money and planning. It is a good idea to put some thought into evaluating the total process to make intelligent decisions yielding beautiful and fulfilling expressions of dance.

A) What style of dancing are you most interested in? (i.e. ballroom, Latin, rhythm)
B) Checking studios in your immediate area, which one has the most qualified and experienced instructors to assist you in reaching your goal?
C) After reviewing a website, have you visited the studio to watch their interaction with students, asked about their syllabus, and considered what events they have throughout the weeks and year to help their students develop?
D) What additional resources does the studio offer to help their students increase awareness of the dance world, to improve study and practice habits, and to budget for the long term?

Dancing is fun, creative, and satisfying. We hope you will make the most of every opportunity to plan well and plant wisely so the roots of dance will go deep and continuously yield beautiful blossoms each season.


Article shared by Martha A. Harper


Martha A. Harper, M.Ed. Education Leadership, B.A. Sociology

Martha, residing in the United States, has enjoyed 16 years in Ballroom and Latin dance, 8 in American Smooth, Rhythm and Latin and 8 in International Standard. Currently training and competing Pro-Am, International Standard, she writes to encourage dancers to think smarter in order to dance sharper.

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