European ProAm Championship 2014 review

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As you may know, 3-4th of October was saved for the historic official WDC European ProAm Championship in Vilnius, Lithuania and boy was it a fun event. While we wait for official results and photos we thought we would share just a little about it to not let you wait for too long!

The Opening

Fire Dance Orchestra

The Opening of the Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 was a small but very cozy event. As always, a very official dinner with good food and wine was served to all the participants. Smart looking people everywhere, lot’s of networking and fun chats. All of this was made even more special by probably the greatest addition in this years competition – Live “Fire Dance Orchestra” music. It is really hard to portray just how good these guys were, but just wow. It’s not very often that ProAm couples can dance to quality live music and this was a great decision by the organisers.

Another new addition to Crown Event Management group events was the Amateur Latin Competition, where couples were competing for $6000 Prize money in total. Usually, Crown Cup competitions opening nights have professional showcases, however this time around it was Amateurs who amused the crowds and while it was not a very large competition (only 10 couples competed) it was a lot of fun. Moreover, the organisers have decided to opt for the old-age forgotten Open Marks system, which surely let all the audience enjoy the competition much more.

Amateur LA winners Visnakovs Kizla



The winners of the Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 Amateur Latin category was a great Latvian couple – Slava Visnakovs & Teresa Kizla! (Photographed together with Justinas Duknauskas & Anna Melnikova)





The whole night was obviously culminated by the showcases of Pro/Am couples but even more so by Justinas Duknauskas & Anna Melnikova, who already traditionally performed a few showcases for the audience.


Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 competition

The following day, the competition day started quite early and everyone transformed from Evening dress code from the day before to ballroom clothing, beautiful make-up & hair styles which were professionally done by Chursina Style Hair & Make-up artists from Moscow. And so the competition began, and did not stop until the very evening break about an hour and a half before the European Championship. This year the organisers were very happy to see so many couples, from many different countries. While some couples came to Vilnius for the first time, many of the participants were here for the second or even third time, which is a great achievement by the organisers. If the ProAm dancers are coming back, it means that you are on to something good with the event!

The three organisers




The three (and a half:) Crown Event Management group owners and Crown Cup organisers – From left: Vytautas,Vytis and Justinas Duknauskas







The European Championship

The evening part of the competition was obviously left for the European Championship, which we all were waiting for. And it was a very nice part of the day. The Fire Dance Orchestra added even more to their fabulous performance by inviting a vocal-soloist Mila who performed some outstanding songs. The championship went very smooth, with no interuptions or any unexpected problems which was great for both participants and Adjudicators.

European Champions Sviridenko and Kovgan



There were 13 European Champions who got awarded this year and the Organisers did a great job with the awards, too. All the Champions received a very special (and completely unique) dancing woman (or man for the Gents) glass piece from a local artists which looked fantastic. While we know how important the results are, we are still waiting for the official marks to be sent to ProAmNews, so for this article we will have to stretch our readers nerves just a little bit more:) Once we will have the results we will let you know ASAP!

Photo: One of the European Champions for the year 2014 – Nataliya Sviridenko & Roman Kovgan together with an Adjudicator Ilya Barovsky





As always, Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 had the already traditional team match competition where the audience went wild! There were four teams this year – Lithuanian, Russian, International and Polish.

Gala-Dance team match


As this event is always at the end of the competition, the couples seemed much more relaxed and were genuinely having fun while performing those 5 Latin American and 5 Standart Dances. However, the audience went completely wild and roared with pleasure and support of their teams.

Photo: Gala Dance Team from Russia




While the Team Match was a lot of fun, the results were very close! 3rd place went to the International team, comprised of mixture of dancers from various European countries. 2nd place went to the local Lithuanian team which surprisingly had a lot of quality ProAm couples both in the team match and European ProAm Championship. The winners of Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 Team Match was a team from Russia (Gala Dance). It was the third year in a row that a Russian based team won the Team Match in Vilnius and it seems that they are always the one to beat. Lithuanians did come close this year, as they lost by a mere one point.

Team Match winners - Russia Gala Dance



The winner team from Russia – Gala Dance






The conclusion

This was a HUGE day for European ProAm market. The first ever official European Championship was great news for many dancers and adjudicators and Crown Event Management group delivered a very nice event. There were some small things here and there, which could have been a little bit smoother, but hey, there is a long way to perfection. Crown Cup Vilnius 2014 came quite close to it, with the participants oozing with happiness and joy of how well organised the event was. To be honest, it was worth to have this historic event placed in the hands of these organisers and we will see what will happen for years to come.

Once we have more official information about the results, more photos & video of the event we will post everything right here on ProAmNews. So stay sharp and we will get back to you soon!

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