Crown Cup Dubai 2015 – World ProAm SuperStars Championship results

On 12th & 13th of February, 2015, in Dubai (UAE) took place a second annual Crown Cup Dubai ProAm competition. Just like last year it was a spectacle both on the dance floor and in the overall organisation. In this short article we will try to share our review of the competition as well as the results of World ProAm SuperStars Championship!


The Review

So we have already covered this competition last year where we mentioned that it was a joy to see a brand new ProAm destination country at it’s best! The organisers of the competition have managed to surprise us all once again.

Kempinski hotel Ajman

The Venue Hotel was the same and cozy Kempinski Hotel Ajman, where the staff seemed even more in sync with the organisers. All the little things were done faster and better while their mesmerised faces turned to the dance floor showed how much they love Ballroom dancing in this country.

Crown Cup Dubai Balroom

The already naturally beautiful ballroom was given another level with much better lighting system than last year and a few nice scenography solutions. All in all, the ballroom felt much more cozy and delivered a spectacular feel all around the event for the participants and spectators alike.

Organizers The Duknauskas Family

The Duknauskas family has been known to take their competitions to the next level by making sure that the whole event, not just the dancing part, felt like something out of the movie experience. This year, however, they have delivered such a high standard that it is hard to imagine what they will manage to pull out the hat next year. The welcome dinner took place after the first day of the competition, in the Hotel Palm Beach Lawn. Beautifully set up “Arabian Night” was shrouded with secrets as nobody knew what exactly will be in store for the participants. And it was worth the wait.

Arabian Night 1

Amazing Arabian menu, staff members dressed the part, live DJ with Arabian music, Arabian Shisha in the pre-maid Arabian tent and most unexpectedly a live Camel by the name of AJ! Not only was the camel a beautiful decoration animal (and the VIP guest in our book) but participants had the chance to ride him on the Hotel beach.

The Camel AJ


The welcome dinner was done with passion and it reflected on the participants smiles! Well done!


The competition was in a great place as well. Even thought there were no Asian couples this year (something to do with the Chinese New Year we are sure), it was a well balanced competition with over 70 couples from over 15 countries. The most impressive was the level on dancing in both International Latin and Standard categories. The fact that such great ProAm couples come out to UAE to compete means this competition has a great chance to give the US ProAm comps a dance off over the greatest level of ProAm competitions.

Crown Cup Dubai 2015 Competitiors

This year the show performances were also very interesting and surprising. Neil Jones & Ekaterina Sokolova have mesmerised all the ballroom with their musicality and funny British wits while Eldar Dzhafarov & Anna Sazina performed beautiful new show performances for the spectators and participants alike. Were these shows unexpected? For sure, but they have delivered a great feel and great ending to the competition. After these shows everyone moved on to the already famous Crown Cup After Party in the beach bar “Zanzi Bar” where the party went on until the early morning.


All in all, this was once again a competition to be in and we are sure the participants would agree. We take our hats of to the organisers and wish them all the success in the next events!


The Results!

And here are the long awaited results of the World ProAm SuperStars Championship which took place in Crown Cup Dubai 2015. World ProAm SuperStars Championship was organised for the first time, where all the ProAm dancers were grouped together without any Age/gender/level category restrictions. The best of the best if you will!


International Standard
Place Couple Country
1 Elena Aristarchova & Matej Kralj Russia
2 Irina Bas & Igor Kobiuk Ukraine
3 Sofia Wester & Sami Helenius Finland
4 Halina Marcinkiewicz & Marek Szulgo Poland
5 Erik Seeger & Valentina Oseledko Sweeden
6 Anna Kharchenko & Dmitrii Glushkov Russia

World ProAm SuperStars Latin Championship

International Latin
Place Couple Country
1 Ekaterina Vitoshinskaya & Oleg Negrov Russia
2 Natalia Sviridenko & Roman Kovgan Russia
3 Marina Maksimova & Kiril Belorukov Russia
4 Olga Sitalo & Nikita Brovko Russia
5 Marina Merzlikina & Denis Medvedev Russia
6 Juriy Logachev & Jana Minaeva Ukraine
American Smooth
Place Couple Country
1 Olga Krasnyanskaya & Eldar Dzhafarov Russia
2 Alina Remizova & Alexandr Sergeev Russia
3 Margarita Kolkova & Andrey Adreev Russia
Argentinian Tango Salon
Place Couple Country
1 Ksenia Rubina & Denis Tsariov Russia
2 Margarita Kolkova & Andrey Andreev Russia
3 Daniela Parmigiani & Giovanni Cugge Italy
Argentinian Tango Freestyle
Place Couple Country
1 Ksenia Rubina & Denis Tsariov Russia
2 Daniela Parmigiani & Giovanni Cugge Italy
3 Margarita Kolkova & Andrey Andreev Russia


All competition results can be found here


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