A Night to Remember by Justinas & Anna and Slavik & Karina



Slavik Kryklyvvy & Karina Smirnoff and Justinas Duknauskas & Anna Kovalova

Present ‘A Night to Remember’


Any person in the DanceSport world may differ in how we dance, where we come from, how we were trained and what we believe is right and wrong, but there is one definite thing that defines us as a community – our love for what we do – dance. With our society moving at a faster and more detached manner due to technology, busy schedules and the frequency at which we change locations, it becomes harder and harder to feel any sense of community. This makes it is easy for us to forget the root of our love – a sense of cohesiveness among a group of people in sharing our performances and art forms regardless of age or talent.

The idea of community is simply supporting fellow dancers, students and teachers because we all share a vested interest. This can permit continued growth, opportunity to share knowledge and allow everyone to be greeted and inspired. As much as we all love our social media, nothing can replace meeting and old friend or someone new with a handshake, a smile and more-so a dance at an evening party. These relationships go spark new things, go deeper and allow growth one never imagined.

Thus we present to you – A Night to Remember. This is our way of bringing our community together outside of individual families at dance studios and the occasional nod hello at dance competitions. We love what we do and not only want to share it with everyone, but invite Pro-Am students to share the dance floor with us. A Night to Remember will be a spectacular evening filled with not just conversations and laughter, but showcases performed by us, fellow Pro-Am students and young children. This will all be accompanied by a live band, delicious dinner and social dancing.

The four of us currently stand at different international platforms in regards to for what purpose and goal we dance. Karina and Slavik after a decade in hiatus felt driven to reunite their desire to perform via Showdances at competitions and different venues. Justinas and Anna are current International Professional Latin competitors. Although we are at these different stages, as we travel the world for our profession we feel driven to connect and unite dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes in this silly and wild world. Watching a couple perform on T.V is profoundly different than a real life performance, which easily inspires the audience to continue performing and creating, which is what we wish for our guests to experience at A Night to Remember from our hearts to yours. The world of Pro-Am dancing is becoming an international component of our industry and it is important for us to grow with it and vice versa permit its growth to new heights!!!

It is also important to find ways to invest into the future in order to instill young dancers the importance of friendships, sharing our love for dance and proper etiquette of supporting all kinds of dancers regardless of who they are. We have partnered with CBZ Foundation to support current DanceSport Programs and Athletes, allowing a portion of tickets sold to proceed into the foundation. Representing CBZ we will have two exclusive performance by Daniel Novikov and Dance Team from Edelweiss Ballroom: World ProAm Champion & USA Latin National Champion and Erik Linder & Rickie Taylor: 2016 USA National Ballroom & Latin DanceSport Champions, Junior Blackpool Finalists.

Considering this event has limited seating and we are selling tickets fast to attendees from around the world who will be flying in, we have decided to offer Live Streaming of the event through Paradigm which will be available through www.DanceBeat.com and www.CBZFoundation.org.

We invite you to join us August 21st 2016 at The W in Hollywood for a memorable evening! For more information please email NightToRemember2016@yahoo.com or call 206-458-5177.

View more information on ProAmNews event page here

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